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Having benefited from professional experts in its headquarter and utilized the expertise of its group members since its founding time, 1994, SUNIR (Iran Power & Water Equipment and Services Export Company) has always been ready to perform technical and engineering services in the forms of contract management, engineering, procurement and construction. SUNIR enjoys 21 shareholders, and considerable numbers of strategic partners in Power, Water & Sewage, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical and Construction Sectors. The aim of SUNIR which is a leading Iranian Power, Water, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical and Construction Company is to maintain an effective and systematic participation in global markets by exploiting our capabilities and experts in all the above - mentioned Sectors. Also we are working to manage the environmental impacts of our operations and projects wherever we do business, Our activities have extended from CIS markets to South Asia, to the Middle East, to African continent and to Latin American market.
Strategic business units

Power Generation

Electricity is created from other forms of energy via the process of power generation. For electric utilities, it is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumers.

Power Transmission

Power substations (Grid stations) and Transmission Lines are main elements of power transmission system which are required to transfer high voltage electricity from generation centers to consumption centers.

Power Distribution

Power distribution of electricity is considered as “electrification vessel” to the consumers who are demanding more performances in terms of continuous duty, ...

Water & Sewage

Nowadays water shortages combined with the rising demand for water in domestic, agricultural and industrial use have highlighted the importance of water resource management in recent years.

Oil and Gas

The availability of hydrocarbon is vital to many industries and is of importance to the maintenance of industrialized civilization.

Electricity Exchange
The latest predictions about electrical energy by the International Energy Agency show that the world is facing an 8.2% annual growth in energy consumption.