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Company Profile

Having benefited from professional experts in its headquarter and utilized the expertise of its group members since its founding time, 1994, SUNIR (Iran Power  & Water Equipment and Services Export Company) has always been ready to perform technical and engineering services in the forms of contract management, engineering, procurement and construction.
SUNIR enjoys 21 shareholders, and considerable numbers of strategic partners in Power, Water & Sewage, and Construction Sectors.  The aim of SUNIR which is a leading Iranian Power, Water, Oil, Gas &Petrochemical and Construction Company is to maintain an effective and systematic participation in global markets by exploiting our capabilities and experts in all the above- mentioned Sectors. Our activities have extended from CIS market to South Asia, to the Middle East, to African continent and to Latin American market.
SUNIR has followed these objectives:
  • Marketing and conducting projects in the global water, power and energy markets awarded through international tenders or direct negotiations
  • Purchase /sale or exchanging power from / to domestic or international targets.
  • Cooperation with or investment in companies and promoting commercial activities. 
  • Design, conduction, installation, execution, repair and maintenance of energy plants
Iran Power & Water Equipment and Services Export Company consists of the most prominent companies active in water, power, oil and gas industries. A professional in developing and constructing energy related industries, SUNIR is a consultantin investment, execution and management and is a general contractor in EPC projects.
Since its establishment in 1994, SUNIR has successfully performed a wide range of activities in more than 18 countries.
Benefiting from the know-how and expertise available to its stockholder companies and also the services of its offices in other countries, SUNIR group conducts turn-key projects as well.
Customer satisfaction through constant upgrading of products and services is the new approach of SUNIR as a pro-active company in the field of exporting preferred industries. In general,

SUNIR activities procedure is as below:
  • Doing market research and development, and international marketing
  • Doing Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing and providing tenders’ documents
  • Exporting goods and services and exchanging energy
  • Executing projects in BOT, BOO, BOOT and BLT bases
  • Investing, financing and forming Joint Ventures