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In the early 90th decade, one of the goals of the Iran’s government was to achieve an economic development. The suitable pathway toward this goal was Export Promotion Strategy and regarding that the standard level of Iranian manufacturers of electrical equipment caught up with the world’s standard, the government of Iran paid particular attention to export of technical and engineering services to other countries at that time. To this end, the Ministry of Energy of Iran established a company called SUNIR in 1994 with the aim of exclusively exporting electrical products (equipment and services). This company consisted of 23 corporate shareholders, both state-run companies and private companies.

After a while, during privatization process, this affiliated company to the Ministry of Energy became wholly privatized. Not only did this privatized company continue exporting a variety of electrical equipment and engineering and technical services including types of transformers, switchgears, towers, air filters, and so forth to International markets but also, this company began executing projects based on EPC/EPCF. To orchestrate and extend its business activities further, SUNIR adopted a matrix structure based on service and country. Along with service, SUNIR is organized into Power generation SBU, Transmission SBU, Distribution SBU, Water & Sewage SBU and Oil & Gas SBU. Along with country, SUNIR has established branch offices and companies around the world.
In 2010, to increase its profit, SUNIR did a backward integration and acquired one of its suppliers, IranTransfo, the largest manufacturer of Transformers in the Middle East under Siemens license. 
The successful presence of SUNIR in International markets encouraged this company to diversify from electrical equipment to water and sewage and oil and gas. This company has so far executed beyond 190 projects in power, water and sewage, oil and gas around the world.