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Message from Managing Director

It is my honor and a distinct pleasure to convey this greeting message to our esteemed customers and counterparts on behalf of a company holding a worthy and reputable brand.
Taking advantage of professional personnel and the support of our shareholders in Power, Water & Sewage and Oil & Gas, SUNIR has been successful to gain a very good position as one of the leading General Contractors in the region.
Today, SUNIR is being presented at a new phase of its business life, emphasizing on its role as a Business Developer. SUNIR has planned to achieve this goal by cooperating with its strategic partners, along with reviewing and updating its business approaches.
SUNIR’s values are based on:
Customers: Realizing and addressing their concerns towards projects schedule and quality by exploiting project management methods and skillful personnel in all the phases of the project execution.
Employees: Retention of high performance employees, encouraging team work, trusting in qualified and capable personnel and implementing Training & Development programs.
Shareholders: Promotion of shareholders’ products and services to target markets and supporting them effectively in all stages of exportation.
 With 14 branch offices and companies around the globe, this company is ready to render technical and engineering services in the form of G.C/EPC &EPCF to our target markets including all neighboring countries, CIS, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. In this respect, we make an extensive attempt to effectively boost SUNIR’s global penetration in new markets and enhance our presence in existing markets by relying on our customers’ satisfaction.