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Electricity Exchange

The latest predictions about electrical energy by the International Energy Agency show that the world is facing an 8.2% annual growth in energy consumption. Therefore, all countries are in need of connecting nets and grids to deal with electrical equipments.


Main Forms of Electrical Trade
The main forms of electrical trade involve either cooperation or competition.
The cooperative approach involves dealing with countries affiliated with IEA . In the competitive approach, countries act as regional or other consortiums (such as based on common generating methods).

We are planning to work together with countries sharing borders with Iran; in particular, countries located to the west or east of Iran on account of the lag of sunlight shift time and optimum transmission vis-à-vis peak regional delay.

After entering the international electrical market , SUNIR has been expanding into different fields of trade in the region year by year.

SUNIR is the first in the country and first in the region to start electrical energy trading.
The department in SUNIR which is responsible for trading electrical energy is the Electricity Exchange SBU.

SUNIR has allocated its expert engineers and company knowledge to this job. It has also put substantial effort into maintaining high level community relations and staying abreast of updates.

The basic activities of the Electricity Exchange SBU are shown as below:

  • Feasibility study
  • Site selecting
  • Economic study
  • Network and grid study
  • Transmission and dealing (execution section)