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Our Strategy

  • Export of equipment and engineering services including consultancy, design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning, repair and maintenance required for different water, power and energy projects
  • Exchange and transit of power through entry-exit points after obtaining necessary permissions
  • Partnership and investment in companies in order to support the export mission
Following items form SUNIR’s competitive advantages: 
  • Exploiting capable employees
  • Internal and external connections
  • Network of representatives
  • Knowledge of acquiring projects
  • Ability of management / execution of projects in template of defined quality, schedule, and budget
  • Experience of successful projects execution
  • Data banks
  • Recognized brand
  • Financial strength and credit
  • Support of shareholders as well as internal and external suppliers
Following items form SUNIR’s potential customers: 
  • Companies needing technical and engineering services or equipment and material (generally in the form of call for contracting services of projects), respectively in Middle East, CIS, Africa, South East Asia, and Latin  America regions
  • Governments, organizations, and companies who buy or sell power in Iran’s neighborhood
Following items are SUNIR’s main competing methods: 
  • Acquiring projects / contract through bidding (presenting suitable technical and financial proposals), or through negotiating (covering client’s primary and complementary needs, such as providing finance resources)
  • Market penetration and development
  • Partnership with other companies, especially local companies in target countries
  • Formal and informal connections, and
  • Exploiting competitive advantages
SUNIR tries to make longtime fair profit for his shareholders through maximizing his joint benefits with stakeholders (including, employees, clients, suppliers, and society).

SUNIR aims, up to 2021, :
  • To become one of the largest and most credible exporters of equipment and engineering services in the Middle East (International rankings like ENR and credit ratings like S&P and Moody’s are bases for this subject).
  • To hit 1 billion USD of annual sales and 3 billion USD of projects / contracts in hand
  • To maintain organizational size (direct personnel including head office and foreign offices) about less than 250 persons.

Core Values:

SUNIR, while performing his mission:
  • Follow principles of professional ethics and fairness in respect to stakeholders including shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and society
  • Does not sacrifice valuable issues like observing national and international regulations,… for temporary benefits
  • Support his employees as main organizational assets and treat them like family members
  • Values and promotes learning, innovation and excellence in organization

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

Iran power and water equipment and services export company (SUNIR) is active in the field of designing, consultancy, procurement, execution, installation, repair, maintenance and utilization of water, power and energy projects in the international markets.

  • Being one of the most reputable export companies in the field of technical equipment and services in middle-east;
  • Gain a long term fair profit via maximizing customers' satisfaction and common benefits of the company, clients and interested parties;
  • Development and expansion of targeted markets and being introduced as Iran's symbol in those markets;
  • Prevention or reduction the environmental pollutions and occupational risks;

To carry out our mission, and realize our vision in accordance with the core values, SUNIR Co. has developed and implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on ISO 9000:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

To exploit, promote, and constantly improve IMS, SUNIR Co. is committed to the following principles:

  • Observing laws, key elements of quality, occupational health, and national and international environmental issues applicable to organizations.
  • Constantly improving quality and IMS’s effectiveness.
  • Fulfilling expectations and requirements of our clients (on the basis of quality, schedule, and allocated budget and other contractual commitments) with the aim of satisfying them.
  • Exploiting new technologies and project management’s effective solutions.
  • Promoting employees’ skills, performance, job satisfaction and involvement.
  • Commitment to preventing occupational illnesses, injuries, and pollution arising from EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) process.

While remaining committed to the above mentioned principles, the managing director motivates all staff to remain too committed to the policy above and accomplish goals.

Mahmoud Jannatian

Managing Director