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SUNIR Co., the leading EPC Company in the Middle East, employs a matrix structure to render better services to its clients in International markets.

This matrix structure is comprised of fields of services and geographic areas. At SUNIR, fields of services are organized into 5 Strategic Business Units (SBUs) such as Power Generation SBU, Distribution SBU and Transmission SBU in Power Sector; Water and Sewage SBU and Oil and Gas SBU.

In terms of geographic areas, SUNIR is split into 4 regions: Asian region, CIS region, African region and the Middle East region.

Drawing upon years of EPC experience, underpinnings of 21 reputable shareholders and expertise, SUNIR Co has so far executed about 190 EPC/EPCF projects in 18 countries.

SUNIR business activities fall in the following sectors:

Specialized Technical Power Services:
  1. Gas turbine and combined cycle power plant
  2. Hydro power plant (small, medium, and large)
  3. High voltage substations & switchgears
  4. Overhead and underground distribution networks and substations
  5. Loss reduction and energy saving projects
  6. Renewable energy (wind, solar and geo)
  7. Purchase/ sales or exchanging power from/ to domestic or international resources/ targets
  8. Design, conduction, installation, execution, repair and maintenance of power plants.
  9. Overhead and underground power transmission lines
Specialized Technical Water & Sewage Services:
  1. Water resources
  2. Dam & Hydro Power Plants
  3. Irrigation and Drainage
  4. Water treatment Palnts
Specialized Technical Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Services:
  1. Refineries and petrochemical complexes
  2. Pipelines and tank farms
  3. Compressor and pump stations
  4. Maintenance, overhaul and rehabilitation