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Power Distribution

Power distribution of electricity is considered as “electrification vessel” to the consumers who are demanding more performances in terms of continuous duty, reliability and qulity of the electrical power supply. This is the area where SUNIR shines. Secondary Distribution SBU at SUNIR is strongly committed to the quality, accuracy, and reliability of its services and supplies.


• To improve quality of serveices, minimize interruptions, keep good voltage profile
• To save and better control of energy
• To improve efficiency of operation, reliability, maximize use of existing equipment, loss reduction
• To provide economical solutions
• System automation

Field of Activity
• Rural Electrification Projects
• Industrial Electrification Projects
• Distribution Network Optimization Projects
• Loss Reduction Projects (Technical / Non-Technical Losses)
• Renovation of Distribution Networks
• Lighting Projects
• Smart Grids

Scope Of Works
What SUNIR can offer via Secondary Distribution SBU to its clients: Power Services and Solutions Wide Range of Consultancy, Design, Execution and Management in All Aspects of LV and MV Networks (Secondary Distribution) such as:

• Feasibility study / feed

• Detail design

• At site supervision

• Construction

• Installation / testing / commissioning

• Refurbishment and substation renovation Control & Automation Services and Solutions


• Distribution network automation

• Monitoring and control systems

• Dispatching / control centers

• Remote terminal units

• AVR systems (Automatic Voltage Regulation)