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Power Transmission & Dispatching


The accelerating development of global technology has led to the emergence of the power industry as one of the important foundations of the economy. Power transmission technology is the artery of the power industry.

Power substations (Grid stations) and Transmission Lines are main elements of power transmission system which are required to transfer high voltage electricity from generation centers to consumption centers. Interconnection of generation and consumption distributed centers forms power transmission network which the following are the main advantages:
  1. Avoiding local electricity generation for different zones (such as diesel generation or local power plants) and decreasing the amount of industrial pollution.
  2. Increasing the reliability and stability of energy transfer.
  3. Monitoring transmission line defects, maximum/minimum level of consumption, peak time, etc. in order to manage the energy market.
  4. The possibility of designing a load dispatching center (LDC) for control & monitoring of the network status and implementation of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Scope of Works:

Power Transmission Technology: Nowadays, international business is affected by import and export of goods and services in the global market which leads to economic improvement, investment, development and, as result, creates different jobs. The exporting of goods and engineering services has an important role in the global market, and recent efforts of several countries in exporting their own equipment and services in engineering fields is an evidence of the global nature. Fortunately export history of the engineering services of the Islamic Republic of Iran indicates a good potential knowledge of engineering activities.
Considering 70,000 MW total power installed capacity in Iran and using localized industries for transmission of such capacity, shows capability of Iranian Engineers, Suppliers and Contractors.
Sunir as one of the largest Iranian group of companies active in export of engineering services uses such capabilities and enables to provide broad range of Electrical Equipment, Engineering services and also acts as a General Contractor.
As one of the active SBUs of Sunir, Power Transmission and Dispatch SBU has progress substantially in the power market. It made its system flexible to match variety demands of different clients in international market. The wide range of services of POWER T&D SBU is as follows:
  • Feasibility studies of power projects;
  • Engineering (Basic and Detail Design) & providing Technical consultancy services;
  • Procurement of required Equipment;
  • Constructing & Commissioning of Transmission projects (Lines and Substations);
  • Project Management (in different stages of E, P and C steps);
  • Operation and Maintenance.
  • Training
In the field of Power Transmission, members of Sunir group are making their products and services available to local and international projects. The products and services available in this field include:
Turn-key Projects:
  • Substation (AIS, GIS / Fuse, Mobile Substations, DCS technology)
  • Overhead/ Cable Transmission Line
  • SCADA & Energy Management Systems
 Supply of Equipment:
  • Power Transformers
  • High Voltage Switchgear (Circuit breakers, Disconnectors, Line Traps)
  • Measurement Transformers (CT, CVT)
  • Surge Arresters,
  • Steel Structure and Buswork
  • MV , LV Panels and AC/DC Auxiliary systems
  • Power and Control Cables
  • Transmission Towers and Poles
  • Overhead Line Conductors and OPGW
  • Insulators and Hardwares
  • Kurdistan: (4) 132/11kv Mobile substations
  • Turkmenistan: Procurement of 110/6.6 kV Electrical Equipments
  • Afghanistan: 110kV Transmission lines, Substations and Distribution Network
  • Pakistan: 500 Kv & 220kV Shikarpour Transmission Lines
  • Pakistan: 220/132kV GIS Gwadar Substation and Transmission Line
  • Pakistan: 220/132 kV AIS Dadu-Khuzdar Transmission Line and Substation
  • Ethiopia: Extension of (3) 230 kV Substations
  • Senegal: 225/30kV Substations and Transmission lines
  • Azerbaijan: 330 & 220 Overhead Transmission Lines and Substations
  • Armenia; 400Kv Transmission Line and DCS Substation
  • Syria: (Six) 66/20 kV Conventional Substation
  • Syria:  Jableh 230/66/20 kV Substation
  • Syria: Ain- Albaidha 66/6.3 kV Substation and Power Transmission line
  • Syria: AL-Sin 66/6.3 kV Substation and Power Transmission Line
  • Armenia: 220 kV Second Power Transmission Lines and Substations