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Water & Sewage

Nowadays water shortages combined with the rising demand for water in domestic, agricultural and industrial use have highlighted the importance of water resource management in recent years. Technological knowledge of supplying water from the available sources to consumers is one of the most important issue in the world. Using its expertise and valuable experience in the planning and implementation of development of water resources and the possibility of issuing engineering services and related equipment to other countries, SUNIR Company can present the best way to resolve technical and environmental issues in accordance to the customer's and employer's needs.

Water Resources in the World

Researches indicate that about 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water (in liquid, solid and vapor form) are available on the planet.  Approximately 97.2% is saltwater (ocean water), and approximately 2.15% is in glaciers and icecaps.  Just 0.65% (equivalent to 8.5 million cubic kilometers) of water remains as drinkable water, from which 0.16% is scattered as vapor in the atmosphere. Therefore, only 0.49% remains as groundwater or running in lakes, rivers and streams.

As a result, the amount of drinking water in comparison to the whole water supply on the earth seems to be a few big drops. Therefore, Engineering Companies in the water field – such as SUNIR Water SBU – share in the revival and play a key mission in most corners of the earth.

Scope of Works

SUNIR's activities in this field are mainly in three sections:

Engineering studies involving, hydrology, hydrogeology, geology, geotechnical surveys, measuring, sampling water resources and qualitative and quantitative traces are necessary for preliminary studies.

These engineering  services from consultancy companies will be rendered by SUNIR group. Performance The execution of water resource development projects, like dams, hydro power and diversion dams, hydraulic and hydro-mechanical structures, and water transmission lines, tunnels, canals and pipelines, tanks, water distribution networks, sewage collection networks, water and wastewater treatment plants, irrigation and drainage networks, desalination plants, pumping stations, river engineering and environmental services.

Equipment This company supplies a wide range of goods, equipment, auxiliary and spare parts to the water industry. These items include but are not limited to pumps, electro-motors, pipes and fittings (steel, cast iron, ductile, polyethylene, PVC, GRP, concrete, etc.) control panels for pumping stations, transformers, water meters, valves, automation equipments, tele-control appliances, precision and measuring instruments, blowers, air compressors, and tanks (polyethylene, metal and cement).