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Tajiks are willing to cooperate with Sunir Co.

Tajiks are willing to cooperate Sunir Co, with them in projects of that country
According to the notification Sunir , advisor of Tajikistan ambassador in a meeting with Bahman Salehi Sunir CEO (Iran power  & water equipment and service export company) is willing to cooperate Sunir Co., with them in energy projects of that country.
Bahman Salehi in this meeting , according to natural resources such as coal and water in Tajikistan , has welcomed from this invitation .
He said , Sunir Co., with 21 shareholders can provide the equipment and technical services for contractors in Tajikistan.
Advisor of Tajikistan ambassador said, East Tajikistan can build power plants on investment (BOT).
Also he said, 64 percent of the water in the area is in Tajikistan.
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