SUNIR as one of the leading international general contractors in the field of energy has diversified its business activities into different area including Power, Oil & Gas, water & sewage and construction.

SUNIR is specialized in implementation of Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution projects and also its presence in Africa, Middle East, Central America and CIS region, make her a major player in this sector. With three decades experience as EPC contractor in energy field especially power Generation, Transmission and Distribution section. These widespread projects has led SUNIR to play the leading role of the region in this sector as one of the most important players of recent 3 decades in International market in the field of energy especially power section. To execute international projects, SUNIR relies on both domestic and foreign partners and strategic ones. Hence, SUNIR pays a particular attention to its partners which epitomized in our mission, “keeping fair business relationship with globally reputable suppliers in order to satisfy our client and creating value for our strategic partners”.

In general SUNIR activities in energy sector are classified into following categories:

  • Market Research and Development
  • Project Management
  • Project Execution on a Turnkey basis
  • Financing and Investing