Power Generation

Power generation has been established in line with SUNIR Company’s long-term policies in power plant projects around the world.
Leveraging our shareholders’ technical know-how in power plant construction and our exports’ Knowledge in power generation SUNIR has successfully executed EPC projects this filed in the Middle East, West Asia and central Asia region; also it has exported power plant auxiliaries and accessories to countries located in the above mentioned regions.
While power generation has executed fossil fuel power plants in a variety. By way of illustration, the first renewable energy project, pilot scale wind power, was executed by this in Armenia in 2003.
Scope of Works
The main activities of the Power Generation are Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Rehabilitation of various type of Power Plants such as Thermal, Gas, Combined Cycle, Hydropower, Wind, and Solar as well as supervision over the Execution of Power Plant Project.
The Power Generation renders the following activities:
  • Management of Power Plant Project ;
  • Engineering ;
  • Procurement ;
  • Construction;
  • Operation and Maintenance;
  • Major References
  • AL-Sadir 324 MW Power Plant (2x162 MW open cycle gas turbine power station) in Iraq- EPC Contract
  • Operation and Maintenance of two units of AL-Sadir 324 MW Power Plant- EPC Contract
  • Didis 320MW Power Plant (2*160 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant) in Iraq- EPC Contract
  • Sugar Factory Power Plant (2*6 MW Steam Turbines and a 100 tph boiler) in Iraq - EPC Contract
  • Engineering , Procurement , Installation , and Commissioning of 2.6 MW Wind Power Plant in Pushkin –Pass in Armenia- EPC Contract