Water & Sewage

Since its establishment in 1994, SUNIR has paid a particular attention to Water and Sewage industry due to water shortage and the rising demand for water as well as low access to sewage systems around the word. To tackle these problems, SUNIR set up a specialized division of Water and sewage.
Employing its expertise and valuable experience of SUNIR shareholders in developing and managing of water resource and sewage system in both urban and rural areas, this has so far provided the best solution according to our clients’ requirements and implemented successful project in our target countries .
In general, water and sewage carries out the following activities
Engineering studies rendered by this department include hydrology, hydrogeology, geology, geotechnical surveys, measuring, sampling water resource and qualitative and qualitative traces.
The water and sewage carries out Water resource development project such as dams , hydro power and diversion dams, hydraulic and hydro-mechanical structures, water transmission lines, tunnels, canals and pipelines, tanks, water distribution network, sewage collection network, water and wastewater treatment plants, irrigation and drainage networks, desalination plants, pumping station, river engineering and environmental service.
Equipment supply
This department supplies a wide range of goods, equipment, auxiliary and spare parts to the water industry including pumps, electro-motors, pipes and fitting (steel, cast iron, ductile, polyethylene, PVC, GRP, concert, etc.) control panels for pumping stations, transformer, water meters, valves, automation equipment, tele-control appliances, measuring instruments, blowers, air compressors, and tanks (polyethylene, metal and cement ).
Scope of works
  • Water Transmission;
  • Dam;
  • Water Treatment plant and pump station;
  • Irrigation and drainage;
  • Sewage collection and treatment.
  • Operation, training and maintenance service ;
  • Major Reference
  • Rehabilitation and Expansion of Water Intake and Treatment Plant «Dvoinik» and Construction of Primary Trunk Main “Dvoinik-Alat” with length 2km in Uzbekistan financed by World Bank
  • Rehabilitation of Aparan & Khalavar Dams in Armenia ;
  • Supplying Water Treatment Plants and Pumping Station for 10 cities in Cuba;
  • Design, Supply & Construction of Ashkhabad Backwoods Drip Irrigation in Turkmenistan;
  • Supply & Erection of Mechanical & Electrical Equipment For Jarid-Al Enazza Water Projection in Syria;
  • Supply, Erection and Testing of Mechanical and Electrical of chlorine Equipment Center as well as chemicals Construction in Syria.