Continuation work on construction of the third power transmission line and Noravan substation in Armenia

The project of the construction of third line of power transmission in Armenia, including 270 km of 400 kV dual circuit line and also construction of Noravan 220/400 kV substation, is currently about 77% complete and we hope to be able to use all capacities by launching according to the project plan, showing the capabilities of Iranian export companies, by the possibility of importing 700 MW of electricity through this line to the country during peak consumption and solve a large part of the problem of electricity shortage next year.

At present, in the 220 and 400 kV sections of Noravan substation, equipment including current and voltage transformers, power switches and disconnectors have been installed. Also, the construction of cables duct in the 220 kV section of the substation has been completed, and in the 400 kV section, a 75% progress is underway, which will be completed in the next two weeks.

Currently, the construction of the control room and the wall of the buildings is underway, and the construction of the perimeter wall on the south side is underway with an 80% progress.

Noravan 400KV Substation