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Iran Power and Water Equipment & Services Export Company SUNIR, as the leading company of energy export in Iran works in the field of energy including Power ,Oil & Gas ,Water & Sewage and Construction. SUNIR is specialized in Power Generation, Power Transmission and Power Distribution projects implementation and has extended its worldwide market in CIS and GCC region, Africa, Middle East, Central America, etc. These widespread projects has led SUNIR to play the leading role of the region in this sector as one of the most important players of recent 3 decades in the market in the field of energy especially power section.


  • Sunir was established in 1994 with the aim of power & water equipment and services export.

    In early years, Sunir defined different projects by Consultancy and equipment supply in Power and Water section and accordingly started various projects implementation in different markets. Then, we decided to expand our business by Clean Energy Generation and this variety in services with coherent management system made Sunir reach more than 200 Energy related Projects in almost 20 countries.

    Now Sunir is experienced with nearly 30 years and continues its business development by creating new missions and plays its effective role in global Market.


As an international company, SUNIR intends to act as a responsible Company from different points of view and due to its presence among top international companies of Energy Industry and its intention to social challenges, Sunir is one of the most responsible companies and intends to play an effective role in social and economical responsibilities by reducing unemployment, power Generation and its related projects, and other duties which helps human. In addition according to SUNIR profession in renewable Energy sector, SUNIR performs its environmental responsibilities by implementing clean Energy related projects. Social and professional responsibilities are in SUNIR missions and SUNIR has a special look to people future.


Sunir as an export Management Company always intends to develop its market in foreign countries and it caused Sunir concentrate on International Markets. According to projects multiplicity Sunir decided to categorize its projects and related activities. Due to this organizational structure, SUNIROO was establish and turned into Sunir technical arm and managed technical related issues. Now SUNIROO by the means of its professional technical team started to implement our Internal projects in Iran which are specified as follows:

SUNIROO (References)

*Installation and commissioning of 4 * 184 Ton main Boilers – Damavand Power Plant

*Operation and Maintenance (O & M) of Iraq’s al-Sadr Power Plant with a capacity of 320 MW (two Siemens V94.2 units)

*Major overhaul of the turbo generator of the Montazar Qaem, Iran Gas Station with a capacity of 125 MW (GEF6 type)

*Major overhaul of the turbo generator unit of Bisotun Power Plant with the capacity of 320 MW

*Building a fuel storage tank in Iraq’s al-Sadr town and conducting related pipelines

SUNIR Shareholders Experience in Iran

Background of our capabilities are experiences of Iran in Generation and Power Transmission Network:

  • Total Installed Gen. Capacity: 75,600 MW

*35% Gas Turbine

*25% Combined Cycle

*21% Steam Turbine

*15% Hydro

*4% Renewal and Nuclear


  • 400 & 230 KV TL : 50,700Km
  • 132 & 63KV TL : 70,100Km
  • 400 & 230KV Grid Station (GIS & AIS): 453 Set
  • 132 & 63KV Grid Station (GIS & AIS): 1762 Set

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