Founding Board

Suggestion for establishment of a company for exportation of engineering services and water and electricity equipment was submitted to the Minister of Energy in writing on March 1994 by Mr. Mallaki (Eng.), Former Under secretary of the Ministry of Energy (Eng. Zangeneh) and Mr. Masoud Hojjat, Former Deputy in Electricity Affairs, to the Minister of Energy. On the same month, Mr. Shakouri, Former Research Deputy of Tavanir, Mr. Ghodsi, Managign Director of Nasb Niroo Co., Mr. Hosseindoust, Managing Director of Peymanir, Mr. Ghasem Mostaghel, Managing Director of Ghods Niroo Co., Mr. Javadi Commercial Deputy of Tavanir, Mr. Abdolmohammadi, Chairman of Industries Office and Mr. Rasouli, Managing Director of SAPTA, have offered process of establishment this company in a meeting. Then, Avangan, Alumtec, Abfar, Iran Transfo, Iran Switch, Pars Switch, Mehrabad Industrial Co., Countor Manufacturing and Insulator Manufacturing companies, as sub-industrial companies and also Peymanir, SAPTA, Nasb Niroo, Ghods Niroo and Mahab Ghods companies as subsidiaries of the Ministry Energy, and also Atmosphere, Arm, Pars Tablo, Padena, Fulmen, Cable Manufacturing Companies, Kerman Tablo and Jahan Pars Construction Engineering companies, as private sector, were elected as shareholders of Sunir. In 1994, the company’s Articles of Association were confirmed and organization of the company was determined. Upon agreement of Mr. Bizhan Namdar Zangeneh on establishment of Sunir as to total (100%) legal person, Mr. Ali Akbar Amini Kafi Abadi (Eng.) appointed Mr. Alireza Kadkhodaei as the first Managing Director of Sunir Co. Within a period of 27 years, various boards of directors have managed current affairs of Sunir. The first board of directors of Sunir was composed of below persons:

  • Ali Akbar Amini Kafi Abadi
  • Mohammad Jafari Lari
  • Avaz Mohammad Parsa
  • Nader Ataei
  • Ghasem Mostaghel
  • Ali Akbar Soheili
  • Alireza Kadkhodaei

Currently, the company’s board of directors would changes every two year and shareholder play a significant role in these changes.

Mr. Zanganeh (Eng.)
Mr. Mallaki (Eng.)
Mr. Hojjat (Eng.)