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Water and Wastewater

Sunir Company started its activity as a exporter of technical and engineering equipment and services, considering standardization and localization of exportation of equipment and services of water industries from Iran to target markets. Relying on technical specialization and updated knowledge of its member companies that are one of a kind in similar Middle eastern companies, Sunir has introduced itself as a reliable international general contractor in the area of water and wastewater projects, including dams, hydroelectricity power plants, agricultural irrigation systems, treatment plant and transfer lines in the area of CIS, Central Asian, African, Middle Eastern and South American countries.

  • Delivery of projects to the employer based on approved time schedule,
  • Establishment of trust in the employer’s and consultant’s system, preserving performance based on world standard of project management
  • Increase in share in new markets and attempting for preserving active markets,
  • Using potentials of Iranian companies in executive and areas and specialized manpower for development of technical and engineering services in water and wastewater area
  • Attempting to increase in exportation of updated Iranian knowledge and technology in the area of water and wastewater,
  • Macro-planning of projects within strategy of the company
  • Preparing and compilation of plan and cash &operational budget of the unit
  • Cooperation in the area of preparation and compilation of the relevant and required procedures and instruction
  • Coordination in execution of affairs of the independent unit with other deputies, independent units and senior management of the organization,
  • Planning for supply, attraction and training of the unit’s personnel
  • Execution of current projects of the unit based on approved time schedule and liquidity,
  • Supervision on progression of contractors’ project and reports of the consultant and confirmation of the same
  • Selection of suppliers, contractors and specialized consultants for conclusion of contracts
  • Supervision on ordering goods and equipment, inspection, provisional and definite delivery and guarantee
  • Organization and preparation of full and proper supporting information in connection with projects
  • Preparation of statements and sending the same for employer and tracking the relevant affairs till collection
  • Coordination and clearance of account with contractors, suppliers, employer and securing construction completion certificate,
  • Supervision on accounting of contracts, agreements and claim affairs of projects, separating each project
  • Researches show that there is almost 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water (in form of liquid, solid and vapor) on the planet. Around 97.2% is ocean water and 2.15% is frozen in glaciers. Only 0.65% of water (equal to 8.5 million cubic kilometer) remains a drinking water; out of which 0.16% is spread in atmosphere in form of vapor. Thus, only 0.49% remains as underground or running waters of rivers. As a result, it seems that amount of drinking water is some drops in comparison with total volume of existing water. Therefore, technical and engineering companies engaged in the area of water (like Water and Wastewater of Sunir) play a constructive role in reviving water and they have a key mission in this connection.

Technical and engineering studies include hydrology, geology, geotechnical examination, measurement, sampling water resources and their qualitative and quantities effects are required for basic studies. These engineering services are prepared by Sunir Group from consultation companies. Execution of development projects likes dams, hydroelectricity and diversion dams, hydraulic and hydro-mechanical structures, water transfer lines, tunnels, canals and pipelines, reservoirs, water distribution grids, wastewater collection network, water and wastewater treatment, irrigation and drainage grids, desalination facilities, pump stations, river management and other environmental services are other activities of Sunir. This company supplies a vast spectrum of products, facilities and spare parts of water industry. These items include pump, electromotor, pipe and flange, steel, iron cast, polyethylene, PVC, GRP, concrete, etc. (control panels for pump stations, transformers, level meters, valves, automation equipment, tele-control tools, precisions tools, blowers, air compressors and reservoirs (polyethylene, metal, cement).

  • Unit Management Division
  • Projects’ Executive Coordinator Division
  • Legal and Contracts Division
  • Commercial Division
  • Financial Division