Continuation of the construction of the 320 MW gas power plant project in Dibis, Iraq

Continuation of the construction of the 320 MW gas power plant project in Dibis, Iraq


The construction project of Dibis power plant, which include two gas units with a capacity of 160 MW each in the city of Dibis in the Kirkuk region of Iraq, began in 2012 with the aim of improving the generation capacity of the country’s electricity network. During the implementation of the project, tensions and insecurities caused by the presence of ISIS terrorist forces in the region repeatedly forced the site to close.


Unfortunately, on the morning of 10/22/2016, ISIS forces attacked the project site, resulting in the martyrdom of four people and also wounding four of our professional and honest colleagues in SUNIR.


Despite the employer’s negligence in accepting and compensating for all of damages caused by this attack, the company’s committed colleagues on the site pursued the construction of various parts of the project. Unfortunately SUNIR Company again faced restrictions and difficult conditions due to the Corona virus outbreak, again, it did not hinder the company’s efforts to complete the project, and it is still relying on the ability and efforts of our experts to carry out planned activities in various sectors of engineering, construction and procurement of project.


In this regard and at this time of the project, the cabling activities of units 1 and 2 and the CCR building, the preparation of the Shunt Reactor foundation and the concreting of cable ducts and the unloading route are being carried out by our contractors present on the site. All the efforts of the project management and construction teams are aimed at cooperating with the employer’s representatives, resolving the existing obstacles and challenges, shortening the time for generating electricity of units and completing and delivering the project as soon as possible.

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