Iran – Armenia 3rd 400 KV Power Transmission Line and Substation project

Iran – Armenia 3rd 400 KV Power Transmission Line and Substation project

Following the mission of the Sunir delegation to visit the Armenian project headed by Mr. Mansour Saeedi, CEO of Sunir Company, a meeting was held at the place of the HVEN Company in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Regional Management and Infrastructure of Armenia and the CEO of the HVEN.

According to the public relations and international affairs of Sunir Company, at the beginning of the meeting, Hakoop Vardanian emphasized the need to increase the work fronts in the two sections of the transmission line and Noravan substation in order to accelerate the completion of the project. He further said: “Due to the completion of the 500 MW power plant project in Armenia and the guarantee of the purchase of the Armenian side in the project, we demand the completion of the project at the beginning of October 2021 at the latest.”

Then, while explaining the active work fronts of the project by Mansour Saeedi, a significant increase in executive operations and project progress in the current working season was explained. The long process of obtaining approval of “executive status” statements from HVEN Company and also not finalizing the discussion of increasing the financing share of the Export Development Bank of Iran from 77% to 85%, has deprived the company of the possibility of maximizing work fronts in the project. Hakoop Vardanian said: “The discussion of confirmation of the increase in the share of finance is in the final stages in the relevant ministry in Armenia.” Also, it agreed to pay on account to Sunir Company according to the mechanism implemented in previous years and it was decided that in this regard, Sunir and HVEN companies, while preparing and exchanging related agreements, negotiate with the Export Development Bank of Iran to expedite payment for executed amounts on account.

Saeedi further acknowledged that despite many problems due to the Corona pandemic, local third parties legal concerns, lack of reopening of restricted areas, trees clearing and numerous customs problems, the company is determined to complete the project on time. At the end it was emphasized by both HVEN and Sunir on expediting receiving of executive operations cost from the Export Development Bank in compiling and finalizing the draft contract agreements.

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