Notification of contract for “equipment supply to Turkmenistan”

Notification of contract for “equipment supply to Turkmenistan”


Equipment supply contract, including compact substations, distribution transformers in different capacities and low and medium voltage cables was concluded in 2021 between the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan and Sunir Company and was awarded to Sunir Company. The technical designs of the mentioned equipment’s are being sent to the employer, and after the finalization and approval of the employer, the manufacturing process will begin.


Sunir Company has already done with project of construction, installation and commissioning of a 6.3 / 110 kV substation in 2013, Garry-Kariz has been successfully completed in Turkmenistan under the EPC contract, and the company has also been responsible for the “transit of electricity” from the country to Iran and delivery to Tavanir from 2003 to mid-2014.


It is worth mentioning that during the past years, Sunir Company has had several contracts for supplying electrical equipment worth more than tens of millions of dollars in the form of export of engineering equipment and technical services with Turkmenistan.

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