Meeting between CEO of SUNIR and Iraqi Minister of Electricity

Meeting between CEO of SUNIR and Iraqi Minister of Electricity

SUNIR has been operating in Iraq since 2008 and completed the construction of two units 157 MW each of power plant station in the Baghdad al-Sadir, which was one of the first power plants built after the fall of Saddam Hussein, with the lowest cost and high quality in its class in the world. This success led to increased cooperation with the company. SUNIR Company is currently constructing the Debis power plant project and rehabilitating of power generating unit of Al-Amara sugar factory in Iraq, despite the difficult global outbreak of the coronavirus.

During his recent visit to Iraq, Mansour Saeedi, CEO of SUNIR, held several meetings with officials at the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, including Majid Hantoush, Minister of Electricity, Mr. Acer, Deputy Minister of Electricity for Production and also Debis Project Managers, and the necessary arrangements were made to restart work that had been halted due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. During the visit, Saeedi also held talks with the managers of TBI and Al-Ittihad banks in order to expedite resolving of banking problems.

It should be noted that Iraq is a good market for engineering companies and manufacturers of equipment for the Iranian electricity industry, but due to the influence and strong presence of American and European companies in this market, it is necessary for the officials of the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to adopt supporting policy which pave the way for present and work of more Iranian companies to compete in this tough competition.

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