SUNIR activities in Syria

SUNIR activities in Syria


SUNIR Company has been active in Syria since the beginning of its activity as one of the leading companies in the field of exporting equipment and technical and engineering services in the field of water, electricity and energy, and has a history of cooperation and reputation with almost all employers in these fields. The company, while establishing its office and branch in Syria, has executed projects in the form of design, supply and implementation in the field of construction of 66/20, 66/6.3 and 230 kV substations, as well as projects in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants and Agriculture and has delivered the projects in the forms of supply and implementation (EPC) to Syrian customers.


At present, as part of its active contracts, it is preparing and supplying the column trays of distillation towers of the Banias refinery in Syria and supplying power transformers of 30 to 300 MVA.


SUNIR Company, despite all the investment and operational risks arising from the imposed civil war in Syria in recent years, as well as restrictions related to the spread of the Corona virus and harmful non-contractual interactions of Syrian employers, including failure to release contractors and customers’ bank guarantees on time, has made every effort to protect this market by its presence in Syria as a potential business partner and friend, as in previous years.


In this regard, the company hopes to benefit from the support of the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by continuing the company’s activities and presence in infrastructure projects, while participating in the development of friendly and neighboring Syria and gaining economic benefits, it can contribute to preserving of political interests of the two countries.

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