Sunir projects and activities in Africa

Sunir projects and activities in Africa


In line with its mission to export equipment and technical and engineering services in the field of water, electricity, energy, oil and gas, while carefully studying the market of African countries, Sunir Company established an office in Ethiopia in 2010. The marketing activities of this office led to the project of designing and supplying equipment for the development of 230 kV Substations in the cities of Shahdi, Behirdar and Gondar as part of a comprehensive plan for electricity transmission between the two countries of Ethiopia and Sudan.


Simultaneously with the completion of the project within the contract period, the company succeeded in obtaining the design and supply of 230/33 kV substation in the city of Wolkayit, which was completed in 2019 and delivered to the employer with the ability and efforts of all personnel and stakeholders.


The company, while continuing its presents in Ethiopia, pursues and is interested in expanding its cooperation with customers and employers in the fields of water, electricity, energy, oil and gas.


Sunir is currently active in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Senegal, and hopes that with the support of the Ministry of Energy and the Foreign Ministry, and considering the existing capacities and potentials in African countries, relying on Sunir’s capabilities, get more projects in this region.

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