SUNIR turned 28 years old Company

SUNIR turned 28 years old Company

According to the public relations report of SUNIR Company, Mansur Saeedi, CEO and member of the board of directors, issued a message on January 7, congratulating the shareholders, members of the board of directors and employees of the company on the occasion of anniversary for the establishment of SUNIR Company.

The text of the message is as follows:

In The Name of God

   On 7th  of January 1995, in order to help realize the country’s economic development goals, including the development of non-oil exports, and taking into account the country’s good experiences and matching the universal standard of electrical industry equipment produced by Iranian manufacturers with global standards and paying special attention to the export of technical and engineering services. SUNIR Company was founded with the aim of operating in the fields of electricity, water and sewage, oil and gas, and over the course of nearly three decades, it has completed or is currently implementing more than a few hundred projects and equipment supply contracts in different countries.


Today, we are celebrating the 28th anniversary of the establishment of Iran Water and Electricity Industry Equipment and Services Export Company (SUNIR), which after years of transformation and development, is now an effective and leading company in the field of exporting technical and engineering services. Successful in the neighboring countries, the region and also in Asia, Africa and Latin America countries, by completing the projects on time, in addition to gaining the satisfaction of the employers, it has strengthened the relations between our dear country Iran and those countries. Of course, in this difficult path, thanks to the support and guidance of the dear shareholders and respected members of the board of directors and the continuous effort and cooperation of the honorable managers and colleagues, the company has taken long and effective steps in solving problems and advancing the affairs of the company and has reached valuable results and achievements.


During the past year, in line with the realization of its mission, SUNIR Company has followed the path of growth and development and by carrying out and following up the projects of 220 kV transmission line and GIS substation in Pakistan, the third power transmission line and Nuravan substation in Armenia, 320 MW gas generated power plant in Debis, Iraq, supplying equipment for Turkmenistan’s electricity grid, as well as winning the contract for building new mobile substations in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. SUNIR has been able to step forward with continuous efforts in line with her goals, and win valuable honors, the result of this hard work is to establishing greater respect and our stand at the targeted markets.


On the eve of this great day, I feel it necessary to express my gratitude and thanks for the tireless efforts of each one of you dear colleagues and to wish happiness, success and health to you and your respected families, from the Almighty God. I hope that with extra efforts and with empathy and consensus, we can take more effective steps in overcoming the difficulties and realizing the plans, goals and missions of the company.

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