The presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal in SUNIR Company

The presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal in SUNIR Company


In line with the economic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of expanding exports of technical and engineering services and at the invitation of SUNIR CEO, Mr. Saliou Niang DIENG, Ambassador of Senegal and Mr. Saad Su, Head of Economic and Cultural Relations of the Embassy visited SUNIR.


Mr. Saeedi CEO of Sunir Company gave a brief  report on 27 years of activity of Sunir Company in the field of water, electricity and energy and also implementation of various projects and construction of gas and wind power plants, 500, 400 and 220 kV power transmission lines and construction of 400 and 220 kV substations, electricity Urban and rural supply, water and gas transmission lines and construction of water treatment plants in CIS region , Latin America, Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa including projects to implement 225 km of transmission lines, construction of two high-voltage substations and development of two substations High pressure in Touba Senegal in 2005, development of three 220 kV high voltage substations and 230/ 33 kV substations at the Volkait Sugar Plant in Ethiopia in 2008 and 2021, the development project of the 220/ 33 kV substation in the Tanzania ,Umitra Power Plant in 2017 and the supply of transformers Distribution and low and medium voltage coated cable and various types of electricity meters from 1995 to 2001 to Libya, along with obtaining a certificate of appreciation from the relevant employers.


The honorable ambassador of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Saliou Niang DIENG, thanked the Mr. Saeedi, CEO of SUNIR for his invitation and said that he was familiar with the successful activities of the company in Senegal and appreciated the projects implemented in Senegal, which were accompanied by a certificate of appreciation. He expressed hope that with the good record that SUNIR has in Senegal and given SUNIR’s capabilities, they can see the active presence of that company in Senegal in the future.

In the end, ambassador visited different parts of SUNIR and got acquainted with the technical capabilities of the company.

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