Transporting of Power Transformers

Transporting of Power Transformers

Following the successfully implementation of Factory Acceptance Test for Noravan Substation Power Transformers at the presence of the HVEN Company’s (Armenian Client) representatives, the transportation process of power transformers began from November 2020.

Regional tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan countries and consequently closure of the Aghdash border (between Turkey and Georgia) and also lack of cooperation from Turkish transport companies, caused numerous obstructions during the transportation process of equipment, resulted in stoppage of the cargo in Bazargan customs for about 4 months.

However, after negotiating with political organizations including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iran-Turkey Joint Chamber of Commerce, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Armenia, and the Ministry of Energy, pertinent hurdles were eliminated and the transportation process re-commenced with the cooperation of Iranian, Turkish and Georgian transportation companies after reopening of Aghdash border. Finally, at the first week of June 2021, power transformers were successfully unloaded at the Noravan Substation.

Based on planned arrangements, we expect to finish the Noravan Substation project by the end of 2021.

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