Virtual meeting with CEO of HVEN Company of Armenia

Virtual meeting with CEO of HVEN Company of Armenia


According to the public relations office of SUNIR Company, on Monday, 21st  of June, 2021, in a virtual meeting between Mansur Saeedi, Managing Director of SUNIR Company, and Mr.Hayk. Harutyunyan, CEO of HVEN Company of Armenia, the latest status and the activities performed in the third line project in Armenia were discussed.


At the beginning of the meeting, Saeedi congratulated the holding of the parliamentary elections in Armenia and the victory of Nikol Pashinyan in this election and wished success to that country. Saeedi then presented a report on the latest status of the third line project in Armenia and the physical progress of the project in various areas of the site, including line and substation.


In this regard, Mansur Saeedi, in relation to the financial issues of the project, presented some cases and requested follow-up, which was approved by Mr. Hayk. Harutyunyan and it was decided that they will visit the site together within the next two weeks.


At the end, the CEO of HVEN Company, considering the importance of this project for both countries, called for speeding up and accelerating all the administrative and operational affairs of the site, so that the progress achieved by this speed of action will be tangible and visible in the visit planned for two weeks later.

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