The book “Sunir, 27 Years of Endeavor ” was published

The book “Sunir, 27 Years of Endeavor ” was published

According to Sunir Public Relations and International Affairs, the book ” Sunir, 27 Years of Endeavor ” was published.

This book coincides with the 27th anniversary of the establishment of Sunir Company and the commemoration of 27 years of export activities in all parts of the world by implementing and building power plant, water and energy infrastructure projects, as well as introducing the capabilities and capacities of entrepreneurs in our beloved Islamic Republic of Iran. Also, to appreciate founders the valuable efforts, and thanks members of board of directors and former CEOs and all employees of the company.


It is worth mentioning that the book ” Sunir, 27 Years of Endeavor ” has been published in 96 pages in both Persian and English.


In Part of this book states you read:

“In late 1994 in order to help achieve the goals of economic development of the country, including the development of non-oil goods and services exports, by use of valuable  experiences of the country and compliance with the high standard level of electrical industry equipment produced by Iranian manufacturers with international standards and special attention to export technical and engineering services, Sunir Company was established by 24 legal shareholders, including manufacturers, contractors and reputable engineering consulting companies in the fields of electricity, water and sewage, oil and gas. By gathering experts in this industry, so far, in expansion from Asia to Central America and Africa, for nearly three decades, more than a few hundred projects and equipment supply contracts in various countries have been completed or are underway. Some of the countries in which Sunir Company, in cooperation with reputable domestic and local companies, has succeeded in implementing projects, exchanging energy and providing equipment and services, are: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Kurdistan Region, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, Oman, Afghanistan, Cuba and Sri Lanka. “


It is hoped this book will be a bridge between the past and the future of technical and engineering services exporters in the field of water, electricity and energy, so that with their awareness and reliance on these capabilities, we can see the expansion of exports in this field.

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