The visit of the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia to the third power transmission line project

The visit of the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia  to the third power transmission line project

According to the public relations report of Sunir Company, in the morning on Friday Jan 20, 2023 Gnel Sanosyan, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Hakob Vardanyan, the Deputy Minister and his accompanying delegation, Karen Hovhannisyan, the CEO of HIVEN Company, and a group of regional officials from Syunik Province, such as the governor and the mayor of Goris, accompanied by Dr. Zahouri, Iran’s ambassador to Armenia, visited the implementation process of the third power transmission line and Noravan Substation of Armenia.


Hani Amirkhani, the manager of the Armenia project at Sunir Company, while presenting a detailed report on the implementation status of the project, stated that the implementation of the Noravan Substation project, which is located in the middle of Iran – Armenia 270-kilometer 400 kV transmission line is being carried out consistently. We are proud to announce that more than 90% of the equipment used in this project, such as reactors and power transformers, protection and control panels, power switches, power measurement equipment, etc., are made by Iranian companies.


He also explained: After the extension of the contract with the employer, the time schedules and other actions with the contractors have been finalized, and despite the fact that the site was closed in the winter season due to the cold weather, the executive team has been deployed at the site with the planned arrangements and the operation will resume according to the schedule with high capacity within the next few weeks. We hope the project will be put into operation as soon as possible.


Amirkhani added: Currently, the transportation of T-60 towers, which is one of the most important structures of this project, with a weight of approximately 500 tons, is being carried out. Moreover, other basic equipment of the project, such as curlew wire and the rest of the required towers, etc., are being manufactured in the manufacturing companies and are ready to be transported to the site at the same time and in accordance with the progress of the project.


Abbas Badakhshan Zahouri, Iran’s Ambassador to Armenia, while thanking the CEO of HIVEN for his support and assistance, expressed his hope that there would be no interruption in the project process with the cooperation and mutual support of the company in solving the project’s problems.


While expressing his satisfaction with the process of project implementation, Hovhannisyan stated: The activities have progressed accurately and in accordance with the schedule and expressed hope that this process will expand in the coming weeks by sending more teams so that the operation of the project will not be delayed.

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